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500th rejection slip? Upload your masterpiece to Kindle

16 Dec

Writing Into The Light

500th rejection slip? Upload your masterpiece to Kindle

By Nick Duerden

3:30 PM Saturday Nov 19, 2011

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Amanda Hocking’s books take between two and four weeks to write, and she sells them for between US99c and US$2.99. Photo / AP



This week, an unknown American author called Amanda Hocking joins an elite literary club alongside just 11 others – including Stieg Larsson, James Patterson and Nora Roberts – by racking up her millionth Kindle sale. Unknown is of course a relative term in this case – no one can shift that many books by remaining anonymous – but Hocking is unusual because she has sold all her books on Kindle.

Entirely self-published, her first physical book doesn’t reach traditional bookshops until January.

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