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How To Publish An Ebook On Amazon

26 Sep

Barely Organized

You’ve spent hours working on your book. You’ve read, edited, re-read and edited some more. You’ve finally decided it meet your expectations and now you’re ready to start making money. With the ongoing growth in technology many readers are opting for Ebooks rather than paperback. You may also prefer the idea of offering you book in many different formats including an Ebook to go with your paperback book. It is much easier to sell an Ebook and production cost are less because you don’t have to pay shipping or printing costs. Another plus to offering an eBook is that you are able to sell your book all over the world. Most services can offer your published Ebook within 24 hours or as less as four hours to sell to the public. Which means you can start earning money right away.
There are many services that allow you to sell your…

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