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Createspace Webinar: Paperback formatting essentials

16 May

Publishing with Createspace (Paperbacks)

Paperback formatting essentials

Webinar with manuscript formatting tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and a Q & A session:

— Step-by-step guide for turning a manuscript created in Microsoft Word into a PDF ready to be uploaded to KDP:
— Cover formatting guide with tips for avoiding common file rejections:

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Check out, craig??

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How to turn your blog into a book. “Easy peasy”

7 May

How to Write and Publish YOUR Book

My ebook: A Champion of Hope

I’m just experimenting turning one of my WordPress blogs ( into a short Amazon e-book (and then) a paperback with Createspace (an Amazon subsidiary).  “Easy peasy”, as it only took  about 20 minutes to copy and paste my blog posts into creating a Word.doc, submit the details to Amazon, including the file to

Then the book was published overnight (our time here in “little” NZ). I usually takes them between 6-8 hours



I normally do a couple of quick edits after publishing and these changes appear online in a few hours (with email acknowledgment from Amazon).

Now onto doing the paperback version of my book with Createspace.



“Practice makes purrfect.”


Don’t worry about the world ending today…

it’s already tomorrow in scenic and tranquil ‘little’ New Zealand


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Need More Readers? Get One Of The Most Powerful Strategies!

6 May
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